Ways with Fleurs: DIY Floral Oil Perfumes

I don't personally wear alot of perfume, as it is laden with alot of chemicals. However, as someone who has a very senstive smell (my Mum still says to this day I'd make a great Perfumer & a detective haha), I love beautiful smelling things. So I started making my own essential oil roll on perfumes around 10 years ago, & it has since become quite a hobby of mine. I love that I can tailor the blend I wear on any given day, to how I feel. If you would like to apply the metaphysical properties of oils to the scent that you make, feel free to click here to read a post I wrote on this topic.

What You'll Need

  1. Amber roll on bottles (darker coloured bottles are important, as essential oils are light sensitive).
  2. A carrier oil, I love using organic apricot kernel oil or sweet almond oil. These can be purchased from health food stores.
  3. A few of your favourite organic, 100% pure essential oils.
  4. Some dried herbs or flowers of your choice, some of my favourites are: rose petals, jasmine flowers, lavender, cinnamon bark, rosemary sprigs (these are to add into your oils).

How To

  1. Remove the roller cap on the bottle.
  2. Fill the glass roll-on bottle 3/4 of the way with the carrier oil.
  3. Add 2-3 drops of your chosen essential oil. Be care not to add to many drops as it can become quite potent & could irritate the skin. Adjust the scent as you go, if you prefer more floral notes add 2 drops of the floral oil & one of the other scent.
  4. Add in some dried herbs/flowers. Be sparing with this, as you don't want the oil to over flow.
  5. Pop the cap back on & give it a gentle shake & your oil is ready to use!
  6. I keep a few differrent blends in my beauty pouch in my hand bag to wear during the day depending on how I feel, & a relaxing blend by my bed to help me sleep.

Blend Options

  1. Rosemary & lavender
  2. Rose & sandalwood
  3. Neroli, rose & lavender

Where to find?

If you would love to start wearing oil perfumes, however do not want to make one yourself, below are a few of our favourite places to purchase them.

Wilder Alchemy

Perfect Potion  

With love & light, Fabienne x

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