The Books I Read & Loved in 2016

We often receive emails asking what books I would personally recommend  for certain things, or the books I am reading currently. So I thought I'd share a post focusing on what books I read in 2016, & follow it up regularly with a review post of certain books I am reading currently. 

I am quite a slow reader, & to be honest, I have always loved books & the idea of reading, but I have never been much of reader myself. Well, come the beginning of 2016 I realised that I had collected so many books, filled with inspiration & knowledge, therefore I decided it was time to begin a new hobby & read them! So I set out to read a book a month, I didn't quite get there (as Shantaram was a very long read for me!), but I am so happy with what I read in 2016 none the less. This year I am aiming for one-two books a month, so we will see how I go! I have loved working reading into my days as a ritual, it's been really fulfilling.

I won't write a lengthy review for each book, as I merely want to share what I read, but if I feel called to share something from the book below, I will. 

1. Shantaram

2. Dear Lover

Such an incredible book for those wanting to strengthen their relationship & learn more about their partner. 

3. Lab Girl

4. Big Magic

A very inspiring book for creatives. This book gave me even moire permission to be creative & authentic. If you feel stifled creatively, or blame your creativity for 'why you can't do things' I could not recommend this book more! 

5. Womens Wisdom Wellness

I love Dr. Libby & all she teaches. 

6. The Art of Timing

This was my favourite book I read all year, it taught me so much about the importance of syncing daily life rituals to the cycle of the moon. I learn about the best times within the lune cycle to garden, clean & lots more. 

7. The Essential Rumi

I have been called to study Rumi's work for a while now, so I bought this this book India back in January of 2016 & have loved delving into his poetry.

8. The Way of Tea

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