Crystals Around the YCL Studio

Our YCL Studio is filled with the vibrational essence of crystals to heal, uplift and protect our sacred space. Having worked with crystals for many years, not only in my business, but my personal life as well, I believe in their power to manifest our true potential. 

Do you want to know how you can bring more intention and focused energy into your home or work space? Then take a little look at some of the crystals we use at YCL.


Pyrite: Brings willpower, vibrance, life-force,  and motivation to our space

Citrine Point: Allows us to manifest with ease, helping us to cultivate abundance in our life

Sodalite - Used to help us focus in a busy work day.

Clear quartz: Is our top pick for cleansing the energy in our space

Rose quartz - We call upon the energy of this crystal for healing and love, this keeps us connected to our heart energy, keeping us in alignment with whats best for us.

Himalayan salt lamp - Cleanses the air of damaging ions and protects us from EMF.

We hope this helps you choose a beautiful crystal that is right for you and for your sacred space.

With love & light,

Team YCL x

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