Apps We Currently Love

Using apps within our work & personal lives has become such a prominent part of how one now organises, explores & becomes inspired. We believe in always using technology mindfully & ensuring what we are consuming is positive & with intention. Below are some of our current favourite apps that we use within YCL, as well as a list of Team YCL's current faves.

Within The Brand

  • Todoist: To do list app. We swear by this! This is how each Team YCL member tracks their tasks for the day & plans the week ahead.
  • Trello: This is a collaboration tool that organises projects into boards. This allows us to have a calcender & overview of all our current projects & timelines.
  • Evernote: Collating information & staff procedures

Team YCL Favourites

Fabienne - CEO + Creative Director

  • Memrise: I use this app to learn Italian
  • Lumosity: Brain training exercises
  • Huji: Disposable camera-look app, a current obsession for me.
  • Audible: I usually am reading one book & listening to an audiobook at the same time.
  • Flo: I have only just downloaded this to track my cycle.

Georgia - Online Manager

Em - Styling & Communications Coordinator

  • Podcasts: Mainly so I can listen to Super Soul Conversations!
  • Pinterest: Current obsession, we use Pinterest alot within YCL as well for mood boarding.

Steph - Graphic Designer

  • Moon - Current Moon Phase: Tells me what moon it is, what to plant, what feelings are in the air and many more details.
  • UnFold: Collage app for Instagram Stories

Charlotte - Creative Content Creator

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