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Gold Filled Earrings & Rings


When considering what type of gold jewelry to purchase, there are a number of terms that are used. For example, solid gold, gold filled and gold plated. These come in a range of qualities and price brackets. To assist you with your purchase, here is some information about gold-filled earrings.


About gold filled jewelry

After solid gold jewelry, gold filled is the next best thing! It is an amazing, great quality alternative at a better price. Gold filled means that it is a layer of gold, bonded to another layer. 


So, for example, when you think of a gold filled earring – it means that it is used alongside another layer of metal. As the name suggests, it is gold filled within the earring.

Unlike gold plated jewelry which is just a coating on the outside of metal - gold filled jewelry has more gold per piece. It is also more valuable, better quality and as it is not just a coating, it means that it doesn’t rub off or appear cheap.

Gold filled earrings are almost equal in value to solid gold and also in the materials used. This means that if you have allergies to jewelry, you should be okay to wear gold filled earrings without having to worry about reactions to metals. The best part is, that because it’s cheaper and appears the same as real gold – you can buy more!

Due to the quality and type of product, they are referred to as lifetime items. This is why they are so valuable. Gold filled earrings and other products offer the same characteristics regarding strength, durability, and beauty, just like solid gold. The only difference is the price. You can get gold filled earrings at a fraction of price for the solid gold items.

As with all jewelry, ensure that you take care of your gold filled earrings. Keep them away from the chemical in sprays, soaps, shampoos, hair sprays, washing detergents, and similar chemicals. Clean regularly with mild sudsy water and avoid chlorine and salt water as these can cause damage.


Government Regulations

What makes gold filled earrings a better alternative is that the government regulates the quality. It is made from solid gold and will be mixed with other alloys like rhodium, brass and sterling silver. The outer surface of the rings is made with solid gold. This is why it looks and lasts the same. Everything you see is gold. The standards in the jewelry industry are specific. Gold quantity must be not less than one twentieth by weight of the product in total. Since the gold-filled earrings are more than that figure, it is no different from solid gold earrings. With the regulations in place, buying the earrings online should not be a problem. Each of the items are well standardized and regulated to ensure consumer safety. Check out our fine collection of gold earringsgold hoop earrings & choker necklace today.

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