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YCL Women's Series // Karissa Sparke

YCL Jewels sat down with YCL Woman & Creative Director of Tomgirl & Threads, Karissa Sparke.

1. Who are you & what are you most excited about at the moment?

My name is Karissa Sparke, and I guess I'm the Creative Director of Tomgirl & Threads, a fashion / lifestyle/ travel/wellbeing website … Right now I’m most excited about taking a year off to travel with my husband next year. We are heading to Europe, buying a van, and just going wherever the road takes us.

2. What’s your most treasured piece of jewellery & what story does it hold?

My most treasured would have to be my engagement ring. It’s a 1930’s antique marquise pave diamond ring. My husband and I actually found it together when we were “just checking out what style I might like” (yes, I now understand how obvious that sounds.. but at the time I actually had no idea he was going to propose so soon). I fell in love, but never imagined I would get that EXACT ring. He proposed to me on Phi Phi Island soon after, when we were 21, which worked out perfectly as the ring actually has 21 diamonds.

3. What’s the best advice that you’ve ever received?

Progress, not perfection….. It’s so simple, but has been quite powerful in a lot of areas of my life. It’s in my nature to be perfectionistic, and whilst that has it strengths, it also means I can be quite hard on myself. It’s okay to strive towards amazing things, and its important to always be developing and growing as a person, but just make sure you celebrate the little achievements along the way too. And be kind to yourself (and others) if you’re not there yet.

4. What do you do / wear / seek out that makes you feel like the truest version of yourself?

The ocean. I always seek out the ocean. I also never feel like myself when I’m not taking care of my body. For me, this means an abundance healthy food, mindfulness and yoga (among other forms of exercise).. but yoga one of the most powerful tools I’ve found for myself to feel like my best and truest version of myself. I also always feel most at ease when I’m in nature - there is something so grounding about disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the online world to be honest, and just being present in nature. Preferably barefoot….

5. What are you reading or listening to at the moment?

I’m one of those naughty people that simultaneously reads a number of books. The main ones happening right now are:

- The Power of Now

- The Untethered Soul

- The Slight Edge

I’m also listening to Vera Blue’s new album on repeat. Can’t. Get. Enough. And any podcast that grabs my fancy while I’m on the road (aka TED radio hour, Invisibilia, This American Life, My Dad Wrote A Porno, Science Vs)

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