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My Top 3 Daily Health & Wellness Rituals + Why I Have a Health Coach

Here at YCL, our brand & ethos is a direct reflection of my values, & lifestyle. You may have heard me say from time to time 'Evoking the YCL lifestyle', which is the foundation of what we base our brand on.

Living mindfully encompasses a wide variety of aspects personally for me, especially when it comes to the food I choose to fuel my body with. If you follow our Snapchat you will see that I often share my kitchen, what I am eating, my homemade kombutcha & lots more. What I fuel my body with takes priority, this is why I choose to predominately eat organic, whole foods.

I have been working with my health coach & close friend Hayley from Healthy Living Co. now for nearly 3 years. I first started working with Hayley when I ate quite an unhealthy vegetarian diet & I was trying to transition to a more whole food, plant-based diet. Through working with Healthy Living Co. not only was I educated about how food can act as medicine for the body, but I also learnt about what suited my body, my lifestyle in a way that incorporated foods that I enjoyed to eat. 

How do I feel?

Working with HLC has enabled me to feel my optimum, it has also enabled me to create a loving relationship with not only the food I choose to nourish my temple with, but also with my body & myself. I do not feel like a slave to the foods I eat, nor do I feel like I have to go without. I am the type of person that thinks of my dinner whilst eating my breakfast, I really love my food. Most of the time I wake up feeling refreshed & renewed, with vitality & an abundance of energy. Through working with a Health Coach I have been able to develop a healthy relationship food, as I feel so many of us within modern society attach so much guilt to the foods we should or 'should not' be eating. We also have a high array on information at our fingertips, that is not just overwhelming, but it's always not accurate for us personally & our bodies. 

What about cooking?

I absolutely love to cook, but there is nothing worse than working a crazy day in the studio & coming home late & having zero inspiration to cook, whose with me? Working with a health coach over these past 3 years, even within 6 months, gave me the tools & confidence to look in my fridge & make a quick, nourishing meal, instead of feeling overwhelmed & running for a bag chips. 

Why a health coach?

Creating a positive relationship with food takes time, especially if you have held a negative relation with food for many years. It will not happen overnight, & most people need support & accountability to make these changes. I was never after a quick fix when it came to my health, as my health is such a priority for me; as without our health, where would we be? Working with HLC has enabled me to have that support system to check-in with me, but to also hold me accountable. But it has also been quite liberating as it has shown me I am the ultimate decider of my health, I make the choice as to what I what to eat & what I choose not to eat. As Dr Libby puts it, "when one says 'I just don't have time to cook' one is merely saying 'that is not a priority for me'", which rings so true in my ears! 

My top 3 daily health & wellness rituals:

1. Mediation & deep breathing, this clears my mind & allows me to start each day with a new pair of eyes. When we breathe deep into our stomach, instead of taking rapid, shallow breaths from our chest, we are slowing down the 'flight or fight' response many people in modern society naturally sit in, rather than when it was activated by our ancestors 100's of years ago when they had to run away from a lion & ration during famine. Mediation & deep breathing centres one's central nervous system & allows our bodies to heal & repair. 

2.  Big Green Smoothie, my fave combo currently is: 1 Banana, frozen berries, Vital Greens powder, Masons Mushooms Tonic Herbs, coconut milk, hemp seeds, Sunwarrior Protein Powder, 2 big handfuls of spinach (all organic). 

3. Walking outside in nature, I take Atlas for natural walks 3-5 time s week. It's a beautiful way for both of us to start out day. 





Yes, Hayley is available internationally, she works with clients all around the world :)

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