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The Origins: INARA

It was then, in that moment I knew I was changing, transforming. And even though the Earth felt as if it were slipping away from under my feet, I had never felt more awake. It was then, in that moment I saw the depth within her eyes, as she gazed at the sky & then back at me, I was transforming. She was a gentle force of feminine, in her true essence. She enveloped all this world needs more of; love, trust, surrender. She taught me so much of what I know, and yet the wind taught her & the sun it; the cycle continues. And as I gaze at the sky, just like she did, I feel her, a ray of light, a form of pure warmth. This is for you. 

The inspiration for this collection stemmed from a truly transformative period of my life.

This year saw me experience some of my highest peaks in my life so far, & it also flowed in the most challenging, piercing moments of the deepest grief & sadness I have ever experienced. In these moments of solitude, I could actually feel my perceptions morphing into new flower buds within my soul. My senses sharpened, this wave of somewhat overwhelming gratitude flooded my cells, & even though my heart was breaking, that void I was left with created a new space for awareness & awakening. 

On May 25th of 2016 my partner & I lost one of our greyhounds, whom most of her life endured the horrific confinements of the greyhound racing industry. Despite the pain, trauma & abuse she had endured, when we opened our arms & welcomed her into our family, I could feel those experiences melting away in the presence of unconditional love. Watching her soak up every second of her new life, was truly profound. So, I gave this special being her very first name. She was no longer known by her superficial 'racing name', that was screamed at her when she didn't perform the way she was expected to by her trainers. Nor was she callously identified by the array of numbers & letters that were tattooed on the inside of her ear. No, she was a precious creature, one whose life meant something. A living being whom was destined to change the lives of those around her. From that day forth, she was our Inara, which is Arabic for 'ray of light'; as that was exactly what she was to us. And through the pain, & opening of losing her, came transcendence, & my most proud body of work. 

Inara the Collection, was inspired by forgiveness, & surrendering to the universes' grand plan for each & every one of us. She was inspired by gratitude, may we feel this everyday in our lives, may we look at the sky & give thanks to what it means to us to be able to look up & witness such beauty. She is the supreme, the purest essence of a women, flourishing & basking in her own femininity. 

The three gemstones chosen to be part of this collection - moonstone, labradorite & white topaz - embody the above. They are soft, & gentle, they ignite intuition & clarity, nurture the feminine & cultivate hope.  

I hope that this collections inspirits you, our #YCLWoman, to truly embrace all you have been blessed with in this life; to embrace all you are.  I hope these feminine designs open you up to the power & magic that you harbour within, & to live your life from this place everyday. 

With all the love & light in my heart, I designed this for you, 

Fabienne x

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