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The Origins: Crystal Visions

Crystal Visions Mood Board
It all started on the floor of the YCL studio, on an overcast day in February 2017. I learnt a lot about myself, & a lot about the power of creativity that day. I had planned to 'be inspired' by going to somewhere stereotypically inspiring (the beach) to watch the water flow in & out; expecting to birth a whole collection in a day. Well, that morning I intuitively felt called to ditch the beach & go into the studio with my team; the same place I work everyday, to design a whole collection (I was on a tight deadline & previously had a month of creative un-flow). I should add that I had no preconceived idea around what the pieces in this collection would look like, all I had was the vision for the campaign shoot, my pencil, sketch book, various shapes & cuts of crystals, & my imagination.

Original Sketches of Crystal Visions 
That day I learnt that as much as we think sometimes that only new environments, new landscapes & scenery can evoke a surge of inspiration, that simply isn't true. Yes, witnessing magical landscapes, exploring & experiencing new places is so powerful, however it is not the only way we can tap into our creative; as our creative is ever-exisiting within us. 

Crystal Visions Mood Board
Garnet is easily one of my favourite crystals, I love the deep burgundy colour & the metaphysical properties of the stone. Hence why it has always been the leading stone used at the end of all of our extender chains. If it was up to me, every collection would include garnet, however even I would get bored if garnet was the focus of all of our designs haha! So, I waited until I envisioned a collection in garnet, & Crystal Visions was that first collection. 
This collection also includes the deep purple hues of rhodolite, a crystal a) I had never worked with before, & b) I hadn't even heard of until I started researching purple gemstones I could incorporate into the collection pallet. I knew I wanted a stone that was a deeper purple in colour than amethyst, even though just amethyst's properties alone are so meaningful to me. 

Original cuts of Rhodolite, provided by our gemologists in India. 
The concept for our Crystal Visions campaign shoot flooded my mind a few days before I designed the collection. The flow of how our creativity works & morphs always fascinates me. So, it was through my vision for our shoot, that the collection almost designed itself; as I pictured the story our model was telling, & through that story, the jewels she would adorn. 
Final Product for our Crystal Visions Campaign Shoot 
Thank-you for reading this post, & I hope you feel as magically connected to the meaning, story & intention behind every facet of Crystal Visions as I do. 
With love & light, 
Fabienne x

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