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The Art of Slow Living

I have recently been fascinated by how spaces make us feel. Does the energy flow? What emotions does the space evoke for us? I have always loved interiors, & as I have grown older & my personal style has developed, inside a sense of excitement & passion is budding for interioir design. Which led me to invest in some interior books to add to my ever-growing library. One of the books I chose was "The Kinfolk Home: Interiors for Slow Living". Ever since I read this title I have been thinking more about what 'slow living' means to me & those I love.

So, what thoughts are evoked for me when I think of this? I automatically think of home, & how I want to feel in the spaces I spend alot of my time in. I term 'slow living' completely counters the popular saying about society being 'fast paced'. I feel it inititates an instant change of pace, which I love. Fast paced society has in turn made society more unhealthy, anxious & reliant on external stimuli to stimulate, or bring happiness. So why not think about alternatives & how perhaps intrinsically, the art of slow living, truly does connect us deeper to our truth in this life.

So why not think about alternatives & how perhaps intrinsically, the art of slow living, truly does connect us deeper to our truth in this life.

I am always thinking about ways I can simplify & minimise in this life & how can I bring more peace & ease into my day, instead of filling it up so far to the brim that I have no time for my family, let alone myself. To me, life is not about being the 'busiest' I possibly can be, we have to ask: is this to fill a void? Do we choose this to appease our ego, or meet expections of society, family or friends? Think about how you truly enjoy spending your time. Life is about those small moments, that we feel completely content in the moment. That could be when we are reading a book that fills us with so much knowledge & new perspectives, or when we sit next to (and in my case talk to) a tree that is fill with so much ancient wisdom of the world.

Let's stop. Let's listen, listen to the sounds the Earth makes as it is living all around us. The sound of the birds as we arise in the morning, the sound of the fire crackling on a winters night. These moments are pure. I want to continually be challenging myself to slow down, to live slowly, gently & mindfully. To say yes to more adventure & invite loving relationships into my world. I also find that on days I have had a chaotic day at work, or I am feeling depleted & drained, I am not as receptive to my own emotions or the emotions of others. When we take time to reconnect with ourselves, our loved ones & the living world around us, our life blossoms & blooms in the most incredible ways. We just need to choose. And how special is that? That we have the choice in this life to choose how we live.

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