Sustainable Christmas Wrapping

Christmas can very much be high wastage time of year, with so much wrapping paper, decorations & things being wasted. So here at YCL we attempt continue to keep our carbon footprint minimal & wanted to share some of Fabienne's tips on how you can too this Christmas. 


When you or loved ones receive gifts for your birthdays throughout the year, & even at Christmas time, I love to try to save the wrapping paper & recycle it for other gift wrapping opportunities. When I open gifts, I try to gently open at the sticky-taped areas, to avoid tears, so I can re-use it. 


Try to avoid heavily dyed plastic ribbons & opt for a natural & recycled jute twine. You can purchase jute twine online or in most stationary stores. 


Instead of buying a bunch of ribbon, bows, glitter, & whatnot, look to nature to provide you with beautiful ways to decorate your gifts this Christmas. My favourites are fresh herbs such as rosemary & thyme, thin twigs & dried flowers & foliage. Use the twice to wrap around the gift, & then stick in some of natures decorations. This gives the gift wrapping an earthy, rustic feel, which we love! I also apply this to decorating my home, I make my own garlands & table decoration out of dried foliage & flowers.


You can do this buy using old Christmas cards & cutting them into different shapes, as well as using images or graphics in old magazines you like & gluing them to cardboard. Then all you need to do a punch a hole in it & thread some twine through. 

This Christmas I am also feeling called to the idea of gifting experiences to my loved ones rather than 'things'. So I've asked for no gifts, but rather quality time with my loved ones. And you know the great thing? It has opened up more consciousness within my family so we're spending even more quality time with one another & we've come up with some really cool ways to do so! 

Happy Christmas! 

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