Star Sign of the Month: Libra

"If you love a Libra, you must value them for their ability to see both sides to any argument. Libra’s are the checks and balances of astrology. It is not their goal to fight blindly for their home team—it is their goal to fight for justice of all kinds."

Quote via Nadine Jane Astrology

Welcome to our brand new journal segment "Star Sign of the Month". Each month will feature the star sign for the month, including the sign's quirks, how to pick them and our top jewellery picks for each individual sign. Introducing our beloved Libra.

She is...

She is a charmer.

She is slightly indecisive.

She is open minded and easy going.

She has an eye for beauty.

She is always up for an adventure.

She is a true romantic.

Our Top Picks for Libra

She loves feminine pieces that make a statement which is why we have chosen our Snake Chain Necklace and Descent Hoops.

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