Star Sign of the Month: Aquarius

"If you love an Aquarius, you must value their independence. They do not want to be owned. Nor do they want to own you. They have a deep need for personal freedom, and they will give you the same back." Quote via Nadine Jane Astrology

Welcome to our brand-new Journal segment "Star Sign of the Month". Each month will feature the star sign for the month, including the sign's quirks, how to pick them & our top jewellery picks for each individual sign. Introducing our beloved Aquarius.

She is...

She is fearless.

She is a natural born leader.

She is mysterious, free-spirited and eccentric.

She often loves from a distance.

She is wise beyond her years.

She is good with words and always comes out on top in a debate.

Our Top Picks for Aquarius

She appreciates original jewellery with a unique touch which is why we have chosen our I See You Necklace and Full Bloom Earrings.

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