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Intuitively Choosing Your Crystals

I have found throughout my life that crystals have appeared in such synergistic ways when I have needed them. When I was 19 years old & starting to morph as a woman, a beautiful piece of chrysocolla presented itself to me. I had been reading about this beautiful stone only weeks before, about how it heals & opens up a new space for the feminine essence to flourish. I was shocked then when I was drawn to a particular stone at a yoga class, not knowing what chrysocolla looked like, I just happened to pick one up. 
I believe crystals can be incredible tools for humans, lovingly gifted by Mother Earth, for us to utilise within our life. They can help us heal, cleanse our minds of negative thoughts & beliefs, fill our hearts with love, offer clarity & manifest abundance in all shapes & forms. With so much popularity around crystals circulating currently, I think it's important that we are able to harness our inner compass & intuition when choosing crystals, rather than just choosing one because it looks good on our coffee table (even though it's still unknowingly working its magic in your space, so that's an added bonus!). 
What does 'intuitively choosing your crystal' actually mean?
I believe that when you allow your sense to guide you, you will constantly have the most serendipitous moments within your life, as you are operating from a space of trust & flow, rather than trying to control your surroundings & experiences all the time. So when you're choosing crystals for your space or specifically to work with an emotional or feeling, allow yourself to be guided by what you feel called to pick up. Sometimes I am drawn to the most interesting crystals, to then pick it up & see not only is the crystal's meaning is very poignant to me in that moment, however even the cut of the crystal is symbolic & resonates with me. 
Don't judge a crystal by it's points. 
It could be the most beautiful crystal in the world, however if you want to select a crystal intuitively try to move away from that side of the brain that wants to pick up the clearest, most beautiful-looking crystal. Some of the crystal's I have chosen are the dullest, with a lot of inclusions, funny shapes & yet they have served me most on my path toward self-awareness & self-discovery.
How to choose.
If you're at a crystal shop, & feel drawn to one particular area, try to close your eyes when selecting. I love to run my hands over 10cm of space between the crystal & my hand, & just wait until I feel called to put my hand down & pick one up. I find some days I am more drawn to polished crystals, & other days more rough & crystallised. Once you start to flex your intuition muscle (yes just like anything else it will take time if you have not tapped into that facet of yourself yet) you will find this process will flow with more ease for you. 
Trust & allow it to be.
Try not to over-think what you choose, this process is one of magic & trusting the innate sense within you; which is such a beautiful thing. Sometimes I pick something up & think "I don't need that!", yet it is a sign from the universe for me to let go of the ego & hear the message within. 
In this life we are always being guided, transitioned & spoken too, & it's our responsibility & choice to open our eyes, mind & heart, & to listen. 

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