How to Create a DIY Herbal Face Steam

I try to only use natural, organic skincare, as our skin is our largest organ & absorbs so many chemicals on a daily basis. Rather than getting expensive treatments all of the time (which I still treat myself to occasionally of course!), I have started to incorporate herbal face steams into my weekly skincare routine. Some of the benefits include unclogging pores, hydrating & softening skin, eliminating toxins & stimulating circulation. You can use whatever herbs you are drawn to as each have their own healing properties.

What you'll need:

Dried thyme, lavender, chamomile & rose buds (or whatever herbs/flowers you would like to use.

1 x cup of boiling water

1 x large bowl

1 x towel

Skincare if you wish (mask, exfoliant).


1. Boil your water & add all the herbs you wish to use in the bowl. I choose herbs depending on how I am feeling & what condition my skin is in. If I am personally in need of some healing, I will add some dried rose buds into the bowl to infuse the steam with love.

2. Prep your face by first cleansing your skin to clean any dirt or oil off. I then used a dermal roller gently, to allow even more product & the properties of the herbs to sink into my skin. I then applied Miskin Enzymes from Kindred Toxic Free Facials.

3. Pour the water into the bowl. Move your face down to the steam & place the towel over your head to avoid steam escaping. Ensure your face is not touching the water. Inhale deeply, as the herbs have beautiful benefits to our respiratory system.

4. Finish your steam by softly cleansing one more time & then applying any oils, serums &/or moisturisers. I also love to take some flower essences after my steam.

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