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Harmonising Your Home

A few weeks ago I spoke about different ways I harmonise my home, & we received such a positive response to this that I decided to elaborate further & write a blog post. Alot of the principles I chat about below, I also incorporate within YCL's HQ. We spend so much of our time within our homes & work spaces, & this is why it is imperative they are uplifting spaces for you & your family. 

Orgone Geo Cleanse

I spoke about this product a few weeks ago on YCL's Insta-Stories, that is my Orgone Geo Cleanse. I've had this in my home for 7 months now & I have noticed a drastic affect on the energy of my home & the energy I feel within my home. The GeoCleanse cleanses the air of noxious energies, such as EMF radiation, caused by our Wifi, which can be so detrimental to our health. Learn more about the many benefits of the GeoCleanse here

Incense & Smudging 

My friends & I joke that you can smell my home (and the YCL HQ for that matter) 10 meters away due to the incense I am always burning. Incense for me is part of my daily ritual, when I meditate & practice yoga, incense is part of that. When I am sitting reading or designing, incense is also part of that. I try to stay clear of the cheap, highly fragranced incense you can usually buy at $1 Stores or supermarkets. I am still working off (what I thought was, a life time supply, lol) a bunch natural sandal wood incense I bought in India last year. Visit Indian grocers or order some directly online to ensure it's pure essential oil & not artificial fragrance. I also smudge my home with a homemade rosemary & sage smudge stick once or twice a week. 

Create Within Your Space 

Draw, sing, dance, cook, do anything & everything that you love. Invite play, creativity & imagination into your space. When I have spent the day cooking, painting & designing or writing, I find environment within my home is lighter & more vibrant. 

Invite Positivity  

Be stringent about who you invite into your home, as all the energy that is invited into your home will affect the balance & harmony on your space. I do not entertain toxic relationships in my life; I value myself, my time & those I love.

Bring the Outside, Inside

Invite the Earth into your home. Humans have become so domesticated, & disconnected with the ground we live & exist on. This is why every single room in my home has a plant, or multiple, in it. Not only do plants oxygenate & cleanse the air we breathe within our tightly closed homes, they also invite earth (dirt) into our home, which has so many benefits. 

Open The Windows & Blinds

Let the sun in, let the air in! Our bodies require vitamin D! Even in the heart of winter, I will still open my doors to let fresh air in, even if just for one hour. Also, having streams of sunlight in our home is so important to us, & this is why we chose to invest in numerous sunlights, that were in installed into our roof, purely to let even more sunlight in.  

Written by Fabienne 

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