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I recently travelled to Europe to visit family & design 2018 YCL collections. I am half-Italian & I lived Italy until I was 5 years old, so visiting Europe for the first time since I moved to Australia was surreal, to say the least. It all felt very familiar, so homely, yet also quite foreign. I fell in love with the culture, art & history of France & The Netherlands. So much so, that I designed a full 2018 collection within the first 12 hours of being in Paris, now that's saying where my inspiration radar was sitting!

This trip was quite poignant for me for a few reasons, it sparked a deeper sense of adventure & exploration, & it opened me up to to so much learning & self-growth. It also taught me alot about my creative process, & I devoped a new apprecation for the journey I take when designing a new collection & sourcing inspiration. I'm looking forward to visiting again next year & working from Europe for a while.

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