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Fabienne's 2017 Book List

Every year I love to share a list of all the books I read. I like to read quite an array of genres & am often asked by our YCL community what some of my favourites are. Reading is something I have had to teach myself to enjoy. As a child I was never the one reading, however as I got older, I grew more fond of filling my mind with the wisdom between the pages of books. We don't have to believe the stories we tell ourselves, such as "I can't read, I don't want to have to think, I don't like it', as these three things were exactly what I would say to myseld & now I am an avid reader.

Last year I set a goal to read 7 books in the year (I am quite a slow reader) & to my surprise, I surpassed my goal by one book! This year I got on the Audible train, which is great for me as I have quite a long drive to the studio, so it enables me to listen to books in the car. I am usually reading two books in the same month, one on audible & one hard copy book. This year I managed to read 15 different books, even reading one of them twice (cough, Eckhart Tolle)!

I will list the books I read in chronological order below, with a little blurb about my thoughts on each book. Click on the pink box to expand & open out the text.

By Eckhart Tolle

This was the book that I read twice. It is truly quite profound. If you are looking to invite more presence into your day & learn about how our much our thoughts do control our reality then this is book for you!

By Eckhart Tolle

A follow on from The Power of Now. I would defintely recommend reading TPON first & then reading this book; as it delves even deeper into the notions Eckhart raises in the first book.

By Ashlee Vance

This is the biography of Tesla & Space X creator Elon Musk. I feel that the way Elon is innovating for the future is incredible & so very necessary. He is a big believer in renewable energy, cultivating life on Mars & looking after our planet. I love following his work so reading this autobiography was very fascinating for me. It's a big book, with alot of scientific language, so at times it went over my head & some pages took me a few goes to understand.

By Vishen Lakhiani

So very insightful. I really took so much from reading this book. Vishen spent years delving into the minds of other entrepreneurs & innovators in their field, to see what routines they actioned & thought patterns they cultivated. From that research, he has written a book about what he calls "The Code of the Extraordinary Mind". I also learnt a very powerful meditation from this book that I practice daily.

By Tim Ferris

I found this book quite difficult to read as I didn't really resonate with the points raised for my own business personally. I did take some key notions from it that I use now within my work structure, however this book is very suited to someone who wants to completely automate their business or wants to learn more about how they can outsource & step back.

By Yuval Noah Harari

I read this book whilst travelling around Japan this year & LOVED it! I loved learning about the evolution of the human species and what happened to us over the centuries. I found it very insightful.  

By Naomi Wolf

This book was gifted to me for my birthday by my dear friend Sinead & wow, was it powerful! This book speaks profoundly about the oppression of women, what the vagina symbolises & why she is sacred. I am an avid devotee to the feminine & all she encompasses, so this book was a pivitol read for me.

By Dale Carnegie

A quick & easy read, with lots of insight. Alot of the notions in this book I had already adopted a while ago within my communcation framework, however refreshing the mind is always a wonderful thing! If you are a leader in your field & manage a team or just simply want to learn how to communicate more effectively with your loved ones, then this is a great book for just that!

By Marianne Williamson

This was a 24 year old book of my Mothers, it still has all of her notes from when she was sitting in a hospital in Rome reading & writing, whilst waiting for my sister to wake up from a tonsillectomy. This book was quite emotional for me, as my Mum was in quite a turbulant & volatile relationship with my father when I was little, which her notes alluded to. So, not only does the book evoke quite an aggressive & hateful energy toward men, which I don't agree with personally, I found it was also triggering me alot, as I was reading my Mum's notes scribbled throughout the pages. Though a powerful book, I didn't always resonate with the premise.

By Anne Frank

I read this book whilst road tripping through France & finished it moments before I entered the Anne Frank Haus, in Amsterdam a week later. This was a very surreal experience, having just soaked up Anne's descriptive experiences in the book & then visiting where it all took place was incredible. A beautifully written book, about a young girl's experience in Amsterdam during the Holocaust.

By J. K. Rowling

Just AMAZING! I have watched all the films many, many times. So starting the novels many years later has been so amazing.

By Thich Nhat Hanh

A very small, easily-read book written by a Zen Master about the simple notion of love & how to love.

By Fumitake Koga & Ichiro Kishimi

I just finished this book & loved it. It is a documented conversation between a philospher & a student, whilst they share meaningful conversations about an array of different topics; using the theories of phsycotherapist Alfred Adler.

By Norman Davies

This is the first time I am reading a history book. I never studied history in school, though now I wish I had of, as this has been something that has been pressing at my soul more & more to learn. So here goes! It's a very factual book about Europe, & though I'm finding it challenging to read, I am enjoying it.

By J. K. Rowling

I am currently reading this book & loving it!

I often share the books I am reading often on my personal Instagram, so feel free to join me there if you enjoy reading similar books :)

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