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The Benefits of Having Daily 'Non-Negotiable's'.

This is something we chat about a lot at the YCL HQ, which is how our daily rituals/routines/non-negotiable's shape our day, how we feel & our life. Speaking from personal experience, I know that if I don't begin my day with something mindful I will be scattered, irritable & not present, & this will span over a few days. 

So, what is a 'non-negotiable'? 

Something that doesn't need to be written in the dairy, never get's rescheduled, something that you commit to everyday for yourself & your wellbeing. Yes it can be hard, yes it you have be accountable, but you are the only person who is responsible for your happiness & you make the choice everyday as to how you want to feel. I think its pretty liberating knowing I have a choice, am I right? 

A non-negotiable can be whatever it needs to be for you, ask yourself: what really light's me up everyday, what is something, if done everyday, would open me up to feeling happier, lighter/more connected, mindful & present? What is something that I put off everyday, week, month & I feel like my body & soul are calling more of it? 

My daily non-negotiable's.

 I want to first start off with saying that we all have 'stuff' going on, we all have a schedule, we all feel rushed sometimes & unfortunately 'being busy' can sometimes be present more in our lives than we'd like. But, it is our choice as to how choose to spend & manage our time. I am a morning person, so I operate much more efficiently in the mornings than I do in the afternoons or evenings. It's important to know what times of the day you thrive & the times that work best with your daily schedule.

I wake up much earlier than what I 'need' to, to ensure I have enough time to practice before I have to get ready for work & begin my day. I start at around 6am, & do something for an hour to an hour an a half each mornings. Sometimes I may wake at 7am, & practice for 15-30 minutes, & some mornings I just mediate for 10 minutes if I am tired or grumpy. However, it doesn't matter how I feel, I will still always do something, as I have experiences the benefits & connection from this first hand. 

For me, my non-neogtiobles are yoga, pranayama, mediation, chanting, & tea ceremony with living, organic & fermented tea. I trust whatever form this presents itself each day is perfect, & the days I am really resisting my practice are the days I know I must rise & do something. It's also important that I sit outside throughout the day, maybe I'll just stare at the sky, the trees or read a book. 

It is through discipline & trust that we can open ourselves up to a more peaceful, aware & mindful way of living. My non-neogtioables allow me to function at my highest, & live my life with an open heart, everyday. As my good friend Ourania says "In a world with so much choice, lets invite a little discipline into our lives". 


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