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Jewellery for the New Year + How Your Pieces are Helping You Manifest

The beginning of a New Year always has such a vibrant energy. People feel renewed after time with family, &  I find society in general is more buzzing & enthusiastic. This energy can rapidly flow into boredom, tiredness & stress again, as people realise nothing has actually changed if their mindset or actions do not. 

Around this time, some people love to choose a 'word for the year' that resonates around their choices &/or emotions for the year, some people like to write out their goals & aspirations. I feel that sometimes setting massive, unattainable goals that you will not hold yourself accountable to, can be stifling. Yes I certainly believe setting goals does make great change & I personally love using Leonie Dawson's books to help me with this, but I feel doing so, in a more gentle way, instead of out of expectation, is helpful & much more powerful.

To inspirit & inspire me for a new year of new opportunity, I love to wear jewellery with crystals or sacred geometric design that allows me to feel supported, & connected to my mission & purpose for the year ahead. I find I tend to wear more necklaces, as they sit right over my heart, so in each moment or when making important decisions I feel supported & trust that I am choosing from my heart, not my head. I want to share some of the designs I am wearing often, & the crystals included within these designs + why. 

Constellation necklace with Turquoise

This piece sits right over the throat chakra, & turquoise allows one to express themselves truthfully. Whether this is to yourself, or to others, this design with the turquoise crystal is so powerful for a new year as it opens you up to what you may have been afraid to say for in the past. 

Infinite necklace with Rose Quartz

What I love about this design is that it is adjustable, so with the rose quartz sitting at the base of the piece, you can move it closer to your heart or further away. The rose quartz invites inner peace, self reflection, & kindness to your soul, having it at your hear centre also inspires you to speak & feel words of love, even in those times it can be very difficult. 

Crystal Cave Set with Garnet 

Even though this set doesn't include crystals in the forefront of the design, both pieces have a garnet tag at the back of them, hanging off the extender chain (as do all YCL necklaces & bracelets). Such a small & simple touch, that packs such a power! These little garnet tags are inspiring balance within ones life, allowing one to believe in the personal power we all possess, & is also creating harmony with your health & wellness (yay for that!). 

Anything with Amethyst 

I have always being a very spiritual person, however 2015 saw me strengthen this, so much so that my spiritual practice is now a non-negotiable part of my day, everyday. Like I said in a previous post, I do want to share more about this on our blog this year, (and in the live YCL events we have planned). Amethyst is the stone of spirituality, it helps connect one to their spiritual calling, strengthen practices such as mediation & also create a peaceful space; which is vital for the room you either mediate in, do yoga, tea etc. Amethyst was quite popular 5 years ago, so you would be surprised, quite a lot of people have a piece of jewellery with amethyst hiding deep in their jewellery boxes. Utilise this, wear it or even pick yourself up a small tumble stone for $3 from a local store & keep it in your bra, pocket, handbag or by your bed. 

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