Christmas // What It Looked Like At My Home x

This year I hosted Christmas at my home for the very first time. It was such a beautiful day filled with family, love, enjoying the new outdoor entertainment area my partner Dale built himself.

I don't agree with how frenzied Christmas time can become, so I ensure I gift my family with heartfelt, usually handmade presents. And instead of buying different ornaments, I enjoy styling my table, & home, with items I have made myself or foraged for in the forest behind us. I find pieces like pine cones, gum nuts & native plants work so well as they are already dried or dry nicely, so you can use the same adornments for a while. I then like to reuse them for different season events such as equinox's, Halloween etc. 

The Dining Table

The Day Bed

The Lake with Mamma & Sister

The Food

The Atlas

The Styling


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