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RELFECTION // 2015 Thoughts + A Glimpse into 2016 for YCL

Well, this year would had to have been the most poignant, challenging, & exhilarating. The first half of the year, what ran through my head was usually: I should go back to university & finish my degree, I should get a part-time job, I have no idea what I am doing. Followed by the second half of the year thinking: this is a fluke, this is amazing, I am not worthy of this, I don't believe it. As you see, YCL grew quite drastically, quite rapidly this year, just when I was having a complete melt down, questioning my purpose & life. And it is usually within these moments that doors open!

Business wise most of the goals I set for myself & the brand were achieved, & completely exceeded. I never thought I would be where I am right now at the end of 2015, with a thriving & vastly growing business, a team I am so blessed to have, & where I am about to venture to India to source ethical & fair trade manufacturing of our upcoming collection. My mission from the beginning of first birthing YCL into the world was to ensure my values, beliefs & message for the brand never faltered, & to know this has remained true & continues to strengthen just warms my heart.

Team YCL & myself have some exciting things coming in 2016 to support & further build our sacred space for like-minded creative, spirited & entrepreneurial women. It will come in the form of live events, whatever else blossoms in the mean time! 

And my personal life, well this was one of the hardest years for me personally. My relationships struggled in the face change & growth, & living arrangements took it's toll on both my partner Dale & I while we built our first home. However, as they say, all happens for a reason, & in the face of confusion, being lost & fearful, came a peaceful wave of trust. I feel quite blessed really to be where I am, my relationships have strengthened beyond belief, thanks to shining light in the darkest of nights. Dale & I are so happy in our sacred home, that we had wished long & worked hard for. Most of the furniture he has made by hand, as well as most of our outdoor entertainment area that backs onto a magical forest (full of fairies). We also can't wait to rescue another sister greyhound for Atlas, & kitties in the New Year. 

My spiritual practice & routines have also strengthened a lot this past year. I have welcomed regular meditation into my life & tea ceremony, combined with my regular yoga practice. I also read a lot more, & love exploring new topics & ideologies through the form of books. I have seen great change take place in  not only my life, but myself, & may relationship with others since making my spiritual practice a non-nogeotiable part of my day. I am hoping to write more about this in the coming weeks & months.

Now, as 2015 comes to a close I think about myself this time last year. I was no where near as emotionally strong, or trusting in my own power & capability. I am much more settled in my skin as a designer, & can't wait to see what I create this year. Yes, there will always be struggles, & hurdles, right now a big one for us is supply & demand, as there is only so much jewellery a gal' can make in a day! This is why our turn around time from one placing an order online, to the piece being shipped is around 2 weeks. I am so grateful that 99% of our community is so understanding of this, & whom are actually happy that their treasures are made by my two hands. I do hope to slowly change this as we welcome ethically manufactured pieces into the mix! All pieces that will be 'ready to ship' (not made to order), will only have a 1-3 day turn around time, YAY! So if you require, or simply desire, a YCL piece faster then our 2 week turnaround for made to order,  then the option & choice will be applicable for our new collection pieces that are manufactured. 

So, as I sit here looking out at the trees from my lounge room, I can't help but feel completely at peace, with all that is. I have no specific goals for 2016, simply more decisions. Deciding what I want, how I want to feel, & how I want to illustrate my life this next year. As soon as you realise the power lies within, & you surrender to the natural flow of your life, this is when the magic of life prevails. 

With love & light, 

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