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5 Home Rituals For a New Moon

Every month a new moon occurs, & is can be used as an opportunity to check in with yourself, reset your mind and cleanse your space. Participating in new moon rituals is a beautiful way to bring new perspectives into your life.

1. Create a sacred space

Before commencing, it is essential to cleanse your space of any stagnant or negative energy. We like to create a sacred space by smudging and lighting incense or candles (our current go-to is the scent 'Noosa' by This Is Incense) and placing crystals around the room. A few of our favourites crystals to bring out in a new moon include Smokey Quartz for grounding, Citrine for manifesting & Amethyst for peace. 

2. Set Intentions to manifest for the month

An intention can also be known as a vision or goal, and writing down your intentions is the first step to manifesting. An example of an intention could include: 'This month I choose to say one nice thing to myself each day' or 'I will meditate every morning'. 

3. Make a list of positive affirmations and read them aloud.

 Affirmations are positive statements often focused on who you wish to embody & bring into your life. These statements can be simple and read aloud to motivate yourself or boost self-esteem. Stating them as if they're already part of your reality is a bonus! Example affirmations include: I am kind, empathetic, and bring love into this new cycle. I now feel at peace with the flow of my life. 

4. Start something new

With the buzzing New Moon energy, it makes it the perfect time to start that hobby, passion project or class you've been putting on the back burner. Team YCL love collaging, using air-dry clay & beading bracelets.

5. Practice self-love

Give back to you, the human who carries you through this life. A few of our favourite self-love activities include journaling, taking a bath & meditating.


New Moon essentials used by our Marketing Coordinator Keely. 

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