Sacred Geometry | The story behind YCL necklaces & their unique designs.

Our necklaces are definitely attributed as our 'signature' style. So today I wanted to share a little about the story behind our designs; as there is actually going on than what meets the eye! 

Within our body, we have 7 main energy centres, known as our chakras. I will write a detailed post about what all 7 chakras represent soon. To keep my explanation concise, our chakras reflect different aspects of our spiritual being, & emotional well being. For example, when your throat chakra is 'closed' you may find it difficult expressing yourself, or communicating with others, & when your heart is 'to open' you may give so much love to others in a way that becomes draining to your own life force, & you may have difficulty giving love to yourself. 

Our necklaces are designed to sit on, & balance different chakras. Some of our necklaces sit at the throat & heat chakra, this is to promote words of love & kindness, whilst also inspiriting truthful expression of ones authentic self. We have new pieces launching very soon, some of these designs will sit at the solar plexus & sacral chakras also, which will help one express creatively & release any self-limiting beliefs, & anxiety. 

When these sacred designs are paired with the magic of crystals, you can really tailor a piece to your individual desires & experiences. For example, if you wanted to create more mindfulness, truthful expression & spirituality within your life, you might choose Lapis Lazuli as your crystal choice, & a particular design that sits on your throat chakra. We have 20+ new designs coming in the next few weeks, these are even more interchangeable & will be offered in sets, as well as individually.  

Our whole mission with YCL is to create aesthetically beautiful jewellery, that holds deep meaning. There is purpose & intention behind every single design. 

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