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Life Series | What I'm Loving

I am quite a minimalist, but the things I do collect is heart-felt, & usually handmade. I choose wisely as I feel the energy around how something was made has a lot to do with the energy something encompasses. So today I thought I would share a few things I am locving right now. 

Audra James Skincare

Hand-blended with love in Brisbane. I am getting my first treatment from Audra at the end of July, & I cannot wait!

Drying Flowers

I am trying to dry every single flower I come across. If you were to visit my home you would see flowers hanging on string in every corner. I dried out a beautiful bunch of roses I received a few weeks ago. All I did was take them out of their water just before they started to shed their petals, then & tied them upside down & they dried within a week of so. They've also kept their beautiful aroma!

The Woman Who Run With The Wolves - Clarissa Pinkola

Easily becoming my favourite book, this has been on my reading list for years & the time is now right. Such an inspiring book about the wild woman within us all. 

Oscar Neo Cold-Pressed Juicer - DA 1000

I was gifted this baby for my birthday, & a day hasn't gone past where I haven't made my partner & I a fresh juice. The great thing about cold-press juicers, as popped to your regular juice exactor, is that is does not heat up or grind the vegetables & fruits, as this can leave the juice nutritionally void. A cold-pressed juice however instead slowly presses the vegetable, so it does take a little longer but is such a beautiful juice!

Sage & Mage Balms

I can't get over these beautiful balms. I use my LOVE BALM as a perfume, before bed & simply as a pick-me-up throughout the day. 

Antler & Moss Ceramics

This incredible brand popped-up at Showroom Brisbane recently, A & M stock a range of different artisanal ceramics made in Australia. I purchased one of Mac Dot Tumblers. This cup has become my most treasured cup, & it makes my evening chamomile tea even more special. 

Quartz Clusters

What is more beautiful in your space than a BIG clear quartz cluster. Each point unique & magical. These clusters are so great to cleanse your spaces & dissipate any negative energy. 

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