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I am an avid fan of creating small moments in my day to express myself creatively. Even if I've had a really busy week, I try to do something creatively-fuelled each day. Whether you're a creative person, or not, small creative outlets evokes the child-like place within us. It allows us to be inspired, to be in awe, to wonder & be curious; something I feel we could all feel more of! 

Today I just wanted to share a few things I have loved doing for years, & a few different creative projects I have just started doing. Regardless of what our lives & schedules are like, small creative acts each week fill our soul & nourish our spirit! 

Designing // I am a terrible drawer, so much so that you would question I am a jewellery designer! But I do not let me inability to draw stop me from sitting down at my drawing pad & intuitively draw new designs for upcoming YCL collections. I try to take my small drawing pad within me most days, as it might be in the oddest of hours I get an idea, or a burst of inspiration. 

Playing with Crystals // I am a crazy crystal lady/crystal hoarder, & holding crystals is one of my favourite pastimes; and has been since I was a child. Whether I'm at my desk, in my bed, at the dining room table, I usually have some sort of rock by my side! I love to create grids with them, place them on my heart, & simply hold them. Each crystal's form & colour is so unique.

Painting // I LOVE to paint, & right now I am painting lots of moons. Blue moons, black moons, desert moons & bright moons. I use watercolour paints. I always feel so happy when I am painting. I let go of judgement as to how my painting should look, & just allow my hands to flow in an organic way; trusting that whatever I paint that day, is perfect. 

Flower Arranging // I am very connected to nature & flowers, so my house is always full of rustically arranged bouquets. Whether it be fresh flowers I bought, or wild flowers I picked on an afternoon walk. I love combining different textures, & flowers that you might not think to arrange together. 

Making Candles // So this creative venture is just something new to me. I started making my own candles around 4 weeks ago, when I started to get frustrated with the amount of wastage I was experiencing after my candles had burnt out. There are only so many glass vessels you can store before it becomes to much! So to lessen my consumerisim & carbon footprint, I have decided to reuse most of my old jars & make new candles out of them! I have bought my supplies from Natural Candle Supply & Aussie Candle Supplies. I only bought soy wax, as paraffin wax is not very healthy to be breathing in. And I also have been playing with different essential oils to make my candles therapeutic & calming. 

Handmade Pentacles // Lately I've loved collecting sticks & twigs, & making pentacles out of them. Pentacles are a symbol of protection, & a beautiful to hang in our kitchens, on our front door ect. I bind all the sticks & vines with The Spring Shop's Natural Jute Twine, & then I glue dried rose petals, jasmine flowers, lavender & baby's-breath to the sticks. 

- Fabienne x

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