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Welcome to the very first post for the NEW blog series I have been developing, called 'Life Series'. I believe that with each action we take, whether it be cooking, cleaning, showering, we can create mindfulness & presence, we can create a ritual within our life. Within this series I will write about different aspects of my life, from beauty, food, things I love, to different routines of mine + lots more; hopefully in a raw & candid way. Our blog is back in full force, I'm hoping to post at least once a week (sometimes more). It's important to me that I create connection with my beautiful community, I want to be transparent & open, & hopefully I can achieve this through this series. 

To birth this new chapter I wanted to start with my current skincare routine, as this is a very poignant part of my day. The energy I create within this time is focussed on unwinding, creating a warm space, & reflecting on the day that has been.

My Mum taught me the importance of looking after my skin at a very young age, & I have been doing so since I was 15. I use natural, organic & cruelty-free products, as our skin is our largest organs & is also one of the main ways we absorb toxins & chemicals. We breathe enough of them in each day, so I make a conscious choice to educate myself & ensure I am feeding my skin the nutrients it requires & deserves.

Below is a detailed look into my skincare regime, for my face & body, as well as a few things I use as a natural perfume.


Cleanser // Perfect Potion Jojoba Oil - Find it here

I am loving oil cleansers at the moment, especially in winter as my skin becomes very dry. Sometimes I also add a drop of pure sandalwood essential oil into my oil, which has lots of benefits for your skin.

Mist/tone // Audra James Floral Face Mist

I make my own face mists from purified water & essential oils. I am currently using one that is a blend of rose, neroli, & rosemary, that I made in Audra James' Aromatherapy workshops! I am also currently having a aromatic Body Oil hand-blended by Audra herself, made with rich oils & essential oils. I will be sharing this in a future post!

Balm // Antipodes Face Balm

I cannot recommend this balm more, it is so nourishing & I use it for an array of things; on my face, eye cream, on cuts & burns. 

Rose Hip Oil // Anything organic!

I use this most nights as my eye cream, & I rub it in all down my neck & chest. It's full of anti-inflammotory antioxidants.

Moisturiser // Perfect Potion Skin Elixir - Find it here

This is super nourishing, & is filled with so many beautiful plant-based goodies. 

Chakra Balm // Find it here

I use this on my temples before bed, as well as perfume throughout the day. 


Apricot Kernel Oil // Always organic, from a health food shop

I don't use any perfumed moisturisers. I love this oil as it absorbs super fast but leaves your skin feeling nourished & soft. I apply this all over my body, morning & night.

Rose Body Oil // Perfect Potion - Find it here

I use this on my chest every morning, to bring me peace & calm, & to infuse my body with love. It also has such a beautiful aroma, so I love using it as my daily perfume. 

Chakra Mist // Find it here

Hand cream // Anise Gardeners Cream - Find it here

I rub this luxurious cream into my hands every night before bed, & throughout the day if I feel I need it. As a jewellery designer & crafter, I am using my hands every day, I burn them & cut them constantly, so this cream has really helped to heal my hands. 


Cleanse, mist & moisturise + body oil.


Cleanse, mister, oils/balm, & moisturise + body oil


// I visit my good friends Natalie, from Kindred Toxic Free Facials, often. Her facials are so nourishing & relaxing, I actually drift off into a medatitive state. She uses all organic, natural products, which is paramount for my skincare regime. Ladies, & any gents, she is based in Brisbane!

// 2 litres of water a day, at least!

// Lots of good fats!

// Our skin is a reflection of what is happening on the inside of our body.

// I change my pillow case at least once week! So many dead-skin cells sit on our pillow cases, & if we don't clean them regularly all of that will go into our pores. I would recommend changing daily for those who suffer from acne, it will make such a massive difference.

// When I am home, I keep my hair off my face. 

// I use only organic make-up, & try not to wear it everyday. I also make sure I always take my make-up off before bed. I will share more about the make-up I use in a future post.

// I dry body brush every night, this improves circulation & removes dead skin cell build up. 

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