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Life Series | My Morning Routine

I flow with the seasons, I am definitely a morning person however in winter it takes me a little longer to get going. It has been said that those with a morning routine have heightened productivity levels, as it allows you to create intentions around how you want your day to pan out, whilst also setting you in an uplifting mind-frame for the day ahead.

When reading my following schedule please do keep in mind that I am human, this does not always pan out so perfectly every morning; some mornings I'm exhausted, & some mornings my work day begins much earlier or later. 

5:30-6am (summer) | 6:30-7am (winter) // I rise with the sun, depending on the season. 

6:30am // Big glass of water, or warm water with lemon, coconut oil, cayenne pepper, & ACV (apple cider vinegar), paired with yoga out in nature. I am extremely connected to nature, my soul awakens when I am sitting next to a tree, or earthing on thick grass. So making a conscious choice to do my yoga practice outside really sets me in a vibrant & enlivened state of mind for the day.

7am // Deep breathing, meditation & gratitude. Breathing deep into our stomachs subsides the 'fight of flight' mode that society tends to sit in these days. When we sit in a highly strung space our bodies release cortisol (stress hormone), which can cause all kinds of disruption within our bodies, as well as slowing down our metabolism. Taking conscious deep breaths daily slows down our nervous-system, & lessens tension within our bodies. This is something I do countless times throughout my day. 

7:30am // Skincare routine & dry body brushing (I am not a morning-shower person). I love dry body brushing each morning as it enlivens my body, & gets the blood circulating through my body. For me, it wakes me up more than a shower!

8am // Breakfast, yay! My breakfast always includes a big cold-pressed veggie juice that I make myself, & right now I'm loving raw activated buckwheat porridge with coconut milk, fresh fruit, lemon rind, vanilla & maple syrup.  

8:30 // Begin my working day! This time varies day by day, depending on what I have scheduled throughout the day. If I am working from my studio that day, I will begin my day reading & replying to emails, getting on the YCL Instagram & chatting to our wonderful community. 

- Fabienne x

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