Life Series | My Evening Routine

Just like one's morning routine, I do believe that what we do in the evening has an affect on how we sleep, & how we rise in the morning. This is why I also have a routine to some extent in the evening, & each of these small things contribute to me having a pleasant & deep sleep, most nights.

5:30pm // This is usually the end of my working day, despite owning my own business I am a big believer in moments of stillness, quite & calm. I do not believe in the modern & societal expectation of always 'being busy' every single day, I thrive on being alone & taking down time for myself.

6pm // I love to cook, so usually around this time you'll find me in the kitchen whipping up a new recipe for my family; which consists of my partner Dale, & our rescued 2 year old greyhound/fur baby, Atlas.

7:30pm // I am showered, skincare routine has been completed, & I am in my 'granny' PJ's, as Dale calls them, either curled up on the couch with a book, or watching my new favourite show, on Netflix. 

It is within this time that I create a sacred & relaxing space to allow myself to unwind, spend beautiful time with my family, & to evoke a sense of calm & peace. A few ways I create a warm space in the evening is by diffusing relaxing essential oils such as lavender & sandalwood (I bought my ultrasonic diffuser from Perfect Potion), I always make myself a chamomile & peppermint tea to get me ready for bed & to help me digest my dinner. I also light alot of candles, & try to turn off all harsh, bright lighting. 

9pm // Before I get into bed I like to spend some time stretching, & breathing deep into my stomach. Sometimes I like to write in my journal, pull an angel card or simply sit & feel gratitude for the day that has been. It is with these small moment of presence that I feel connected, & mindful. 

9:30-10:30pm // Depending on my working week the time I go to bed varies. If I have a busy schedule the following day, I will get to sleep around 9:30pm to prepare myself, if not, I tend to stay up later. However I wake up everyday with the sun, no matter what time I went to bed the night before.  

- Fabienne x

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