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RELICS | The Story of...

She foraged in the darkest caves, sat under the tallest trees. She trekked the most adverse glaciers, & danced in the rain. She lived on Saturn, spoke with the stars. With her, she held close the treasures that she had collected from otherworldly lands; each encompassing a story, ancient history, & wisdom. These relics were the portal of her soul, as it was from the Universe that she found had them, & it was universal magic they harboured. And when she wore them on her being, Mother Nature was singing her song... 

For a while now I have been wanting to move into higher quality metal options for our jewellery. Brass & gold plating has served us well, however I am so excited to be able to release a collection that is 100% 14ct gold fill & sterling silver. For those who might not know, where is quite a big difference between gold plated jewellery vs. gold filled jewellery. Plating is a process where base metal, usually sterling silver, brass or copper, is coated in a very fine layer of solid gold. As the layer is so thin, this piece of jewellery's 'gold' colour will eventually rub off & build up a surface tarnish; depending on the chemicals & natural oils the piece is exposed to. Gold fill is very different, as it indicates a piece of jewellery that has a very thick layer of solid gold, that has been bonded with another metal. The layer of solid gold is so thick that the gold will not 'rub off', this piece will age & wear exactly like solid gold, if cared for correctly. It brings me so much happiness to know this collection has been created with high equality materials, to bring you pieces of jewellery that will be with you forever. As that what it YCL is all about really, jewellery that stays with you, journeys with you & align you with the perfect energetic manifestations. 
The designs within this collection came to me in moments of silence & stillness, when one explores the vast lands on this Earth, that have been untouched but he human hand, what would one find? What treasures would one seek? The whole vision for this collection was almost a metaphor for the journey we take within ourselves, & I am filled with warmth to know that this intention & story has been embedded into each design.
Dress: Tree Of Life
Flowers: Wilde 
Model: Fabienne, YCL Jewels creative director. 
Jewels: YCL Jewels

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