Rings; where do I begin... So obviously I am a jewellery lover, but I actually prefer a very minimal look, hence why most of the pieces I design are fine & delicate; however this isn't always the case when it comes to rings. If I didn't use my hands so much for my work, every finger would be adorned with a ring. I love to be able to interchange rings, stack them & where them alone, each style carrying a uniqueness & intention.

I have such a distinct style when it comes to the types of rings I like to wear, this is why you haven't seen many so far within YCL; as the designs I love, unfortunately, I cannot make with only my two hands. So, we have passed our designs over to a beautiful man in India, who lovingly hand-crafts our rings for us. As we grow as a business, you will see more of his work flowing through our jewellery. 2015 will see us release a collection of NEW fine rings, solid bangles, bracelets & so much more.

Yesterday we released 4 new rings, 3 fine PATH rings & our PILLAR ring, in garnet. All rings are available online now. 


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A Letter From Our Founder '21

A Letter From Our Founder '21

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