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All You Need Is Less

I saw this quote the other day & had to post it to our YCL Instagram page. It definitely struck a chord within me; an 'ah-ha' moment availed. Most of what we hear (or we say ourselves) is we 'need' this, we 'want' that, we 'don't have' this, they 'have' that. Such a thought pattern can be somewhat limiting at times to our growth & happiness, as it is not allowing us to be present & thankful in this very moment. It takes us out of NOW, & into a void of the future, that doesn't actually even exist; & it's engraining the belief that 'when we have this' we will be happy, content, fulfilled, beautiful ECT. 

These days living simply is deemed unnecessary as so many things have been invented & created to take us out of he present &/or make things go faster; microwaves (something I will never have within my home) as people don't like waiting a few extra minutes for the stove or oven to heat up, phones with even more pointless features, food (I prefer the term 'franken-food', as it's not even real) that takes 1 minutes to cook, because people don't have time to nourish their bodies with fresh food from the earth anymore. We are always searching, hunting, regretting, instead of enjoying the ebb & flow of life. There is nothing more rewarding than growing your own vegetables & cooking food for your family, that you have grown, or going for a walk & picking wild flowers for your home or turning off a light & burning a candle. 

- YCL Office - 

Back 50 years ago cancer was unheard of, yet these days chronic illness is the norm. Back 50 years ago walking to school, work or your friends house was the norm, eating foods with only 5 ingredients instead of 50 was the norm, & doing & enjoying simple pleasures was the norm; as 50 years ago people didn't have all these distractions, distractions that take us out of this moment. We always have the choice as to the life we want to live, & simple pleasures are something that I will always enjoy most. I don't care for the clothes on the back, I care about spending time with my loved ones, the people I hold closest, laughing with them & creating moments of utter happiness. I care about creating for my YCL community, growing my business & living my truth. I care about the living beings we share this planet with, & aiding to make change for them. 

Today, lets decide that all we need is less, we have everything we need right now & that is something to be thankful for everyday of this life.

With love & light, 

Fabienne x

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