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The Societal Art that has become 'Being Busy'.

I am quite an observer; I observe my behaviour, others behaviour, how people react within certain situations, how the patron treats the waiter, how the customer responds to the check-out lady. Lately I have been intrigued by the answer that people give myself & others when asked "How are you?" or "How is your day going?". Nine times out of ten the individual will respond with "Oh so busy!" (or something along the lines of that), said with exasperation, exhaustion; & perhaps even with a little unease. 

Does this response stem from a fleeting thought of a) how you are physically feeling, b) what you think you should say or c) to ensure a carefully contrasted perception of you is received from the person on the asking end? Lets talk about the first one for a minute... Are you someone who is constantly including the word, & ideology, of busy within your responses & thoughts? Are you someone who perceives there is very little time in the day to do everything you have to get done & the thought of it harbours resentment & a feeling of being drained within you? Or are you someone who perceives that being busy = self-worth (guilty!), therefore you want to create a facade around your life, so others deem you successful & accomplished? We've all been there people & this is hugely because of the fact the society has embedded a very yang (masculine) belief that to be successful one must be run-ragged off their feet; I am here to tell you that is just not the case!

Yes dreams take alot of work, but from my experience of working toward my goals & achieving them, there is always light within darkness because I LOVE what I do, I crave my life's work & I am so passionate about what I do; therefore this is the drive behind the long nights, the breakdowns & tears, the resilience, perseverance & celebration. 

By always wishing for more time within a day, you are forgetting to be present within the beauty that your day is unfolding onto you. You're days can be filled with whatever you wish them to be, & the the power is within the perceptions we have around things we just have to do. For example, cleaning your home or cooking dinner, some enjoy it, many loathe it, however these tasks fall into many peoples responsibilities. They could be tedious & annoying, if you choose for them to be. Or you could see them as a sacred ritual that you do for those you love; this ritual enables your family to live in a clean & welcoming home, to eat nourishing food & how precious is it that you are able to fulfil this beautiful gift for yourself & family. There is then the other option, of choosing to hire a cleaner if you are able to.

There is always choice, & the moment you rid yourself of that you are choosing to feel the way you do. The way you feel rests on no one else's shoulders, but your own. Like I say within most of my posts, making change does take time, especially if you have been etched within your ways for a long time. But it all starts with one step, one thought & everything can be mirrored & reflected from something so simple. 

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