What Makes You Feel Free?

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. Old doors have closed, & new chapters have begun. I've accomplished massive milestones within my life & business, & every single short-term goal (and surprisingly a few long-term) I set at the beginning of the year, I have achieved. So simply the awareness of that itself has awakened something within me, & it truly feels like a surge of energy. 

I try to celebrate, no matter how small, each step & milestone, as this is something that allows me to feel gratitude & presence. Transition has been a theme within my life these past few weeks, & opening my arms to change & transformation has been so liberating, & it has encouraged me to reflect on what freedom means to me. 

So I ask, what make you feel free?

What makes your heart flutter, or the butterflies fly in your stomach? What makes feel aligned with your purpose on this earth? I want to show you what makes me free free through photos & words...

Thought-prevoking literature. 

The Universal energy that surrounds us daily. 

Mother nature, in all her glory & wisdom.

Wander. Dreaming. Never being realistic. Creating vision. Love. Laughter. Connection. Looking at the sky. My life's work & craft. 

Your turn... Writing these down & creating awareness within yourself is such a powerful tool. It's something I enjoy doing often, I draw, I write lists, I reflect if I've had a challenging day & if I've had an uplifting day.

Our lives are too precious to waste them doing anything that does not make you feel free. 


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