An Ode to Living Consciously


Many of you who have followed YCL from our humble beginnings would know that from day 1 my quest & journey for conscious & simple living has been the main focus of YCL. From this place YCL Jewels was born & from this same conscious space I endeavour to continually grow & expand YCL. Everyday I am learning new things about myself, my values & how I want to live my life. So far I have learned: 

- I choose to live simply & consciously.

- I want to celebrate each milestone, no matter how small, within my business & life. Celebration is so beautiful, & taking time to be present within what I have achieved inspires me to continue.

- I don't need to hurt or exploit other Earthlings in order to live my life. I don't need their meat, their milk, their eggs, their skin, their fur or any other type of animal secretion. Now with this I am still learning, & growing, I am working on this slowly & gently; knowing that my ultimate goal will align with my true values.

- I enjoy simply. I enjoy simple pleasures such as eating a home-cooked meal, sharing a glass of organic red wine on my balcony, playing in the water with my loved ones, seeing a movie, talking to animals, sitting in nature, eating Mexican food & exploring new & unfamiliar places. 

- I am aware, I choose not to turn a blind eye to what can be changed in our world. I choose to live my life in a way that I too am helping to create change; by simply sharing my message, & living my truth I know I am inspiring & influencing others to do the same. 

- I choose to live harmoniously on this Earth. 

- Daily yoga & deep breathing has changed my life. 

- I don't rely on material things to make me happy, & I make the conscious choice not to spend my money of these things. On occasion I will treat myself & CELEBRATE, such as last week I bought my first pair of heels in over a year & it felt great! However, these heels don't make up the person I am; I am no more beautiful in them as I am without them. Society today focuses far to much media attention on having to be a picture of perfection, this I do not strive for, I am me, & that is wonderful. I do not need external materialistic things to make me happy, beautiful or 'perfect' & nor do I place my self-worth, happiness or beauty in the clothes I buy.

- Each day I try to be thankful, be present & live mindfully.

- In each moment, I try to choose love over fear. I listen to my 'inner voice' (something I am becoming increasingly good at with mindful practice), I discern my 'inner, intuitive voice' from fearful Fabienne, pessimist Fabienne, ETC & I ensure that I am making my decisions from love. 

I wanted to share that little list with you today almost as a declaration of my next step in this life. In the past 3 years of growing YCL, I too have grown into a woman I am proud to be. However, I know I can always be doing more, bettering myself, I know I can keep pushing my limits, striving for the stars & shining my light that little bit brighter. And ensuring that I am always gentle on myself; as criticising & setting to high of standards on myself in the end will not better me, it will only create fear; this is also something I am still learning.

I infuse this same consciousness into each piece of jewellery I design & handcraft; my business is a soulful extension of my message, values & truths. Each time I make a piece of jewellery I like to believe that I am also making change, creating awareness. Through intuitively choosing a piece that calls to you, your subconscious is guiding you, helping to heal a situation or inspiring you to take that next step. Each YCL customer may have unknowingly chosen a piece that is so fitting to their life right now; & that same piece will continue to hold that same energy & intention forever. 

We will slowly be bringing our message even more in focus with YCL Jewels, through different campaigns, photos, designs, marketing strategies ECT. Yes, it is my business & I love all that comes with that, but the integrity of our brand will always flow through stronger & our message & values will always be our starting point. 

Thank-you for taking this journey with me, how do you live consciously? 



Lisa Brown Designs 

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