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Why Do We Create YCL Jewels With Crystals?

My fascination & appreciation with crystals all started when I was around 9 years old when I stole my sisters 'purple rock'.

Well little did I know, that 'purple rock' turned out to be an amethyst & I was smitten. At the time I thought that it was purely due to the bright colour & interesting shape, yet I now know that it was the energy from the mineral that I was magnetised to. 

Crystals are beautiful & sacred gifts from Mother Earth, each unique. They have powerful energies & metaphysical properties on us as humans; they help to heal, inspire to grow & manifest our dreams & encourage to let go of all that doesn't serve & uplift us. Crystals are not just 'for hippies', they can actually be tools one can use within their life. Do you suffer from depression or anxiety? Do you anger easily, or do you feel fearful to express yourself truthfully? Are you longing for love, a child or that dream job? Or do you want to simply be happy & embrace who you are, & align with your life purpose? Well, crystals can aid with all of this. 

I personally choose to turn to holistic healing modalities, before mainstream options; & this is where these colourful little rocks come in handy. If I am feeling stressed or worried, I may carry an amethyst with me that day, if I am feeling disconnected with the Earth, I will take some smokey quartz & sit outside. If I am in need of some self-love one day, I might pop a polished rose quartz in my water bottle. And this is where YCL Jewels comes into it... Why not cultivate your visions, & dreams, & work to always bettering who you are, whilst wearing a beautiful piece of jewellery. 

A few of our favourite crystals... 

Smokey Quartz

- Deep grounding 

- Enhances connection to Mother Earth

- Dissolves fears & limitations


- Abundance

- Good fortune

- Enhances devotion to yourself

- Encourages fatih in the flow of life 


- Enhances personal power

- Encourage belief in oneself

- Promotes balance & stability in life


- Enhances self-expression

- Protection

- Encourages you to express your truth

Clear Quartz 

- Amplifies & stores energy

- Motivates

- Enhances & amplifies intentions

- Cleanses energy field 

Rose Quartz 

- Self-love, honouring & acceptance

- Inner peace & self-fulfillment

- Giving & receiving love 

Tibetan Quartz // Black, mirky grey & clear 

- Master Healer

- Spiritual cleansing & protection

- Deep peace & grounding 

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