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FROM THE HEART // Treasures for the Heart Chakra

The energy around our heart, also known as our heart chakra, is the centre point for all peace, love, hurt, heart opening & nurturing. It is the space where we can harbour past heart hurt & it is also the space where we can facilitate incredible healing. Being aware of your heart chakra is so vital for your wellbeing & emotional equilibrium. We love creating treasures that sit right over your heart, & then combined with crystals YCL tresausre can be tools helpful with facilitating in healing hurt, opeing the heart & creating a peaceful energetic balance.

When we wear pieces on our being that include crystals this is sending a particular energy into our heart chakra. For example, if we adorn a piece of jewellery that inlaces rose quartz, that is sending unconditional love into your heart space, it is also opening the space so healing can occur. It is also infusing your being with calming & peaceful thoughts & emotions, which will aid you within your day. 

When I design YCL pieces, I usually have a chakra in mind. Most of our treasures sit over the throat & heart chakras, with a few reaching down to the solar plexus. I been designing with our energy centres in mind as I believe jewellery can be a tool that guides & inspirits us throughout our life. When we combine our sacred design structure, with crystals, well thats when the magic truly happens!

Treasures for your Heart Chakra


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