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What Star Sign Are You?

 Our astrology make up says so much about who we are, how we interact with others & how we respond to certain situations in life. Your star sign is ascertained by the date you were born, see the table above to find out what your Star Sign is based on your birth date. 
Aries: An Aries is spontaneous, avoids routine and loves to travel.
Taurus: A Taurus is connected with nature, enjoys food and loves their
alone time.
Gemini: A Gemini is an excellent communicator and thrives off having
multiple passions.
Cancer: A Cancer is emotional, sensitive and completes everything to
Leo: A Leo is confident, self-assured and will certainly tell you what
they think.
Virgo: A Virgo is highly organised, may avoid change and can't live
without a daily planner.
Libra: A Libra enjoys balance, is indecisive and strong-minded.
Scorpio: A Scorpio is very intuitive, sensitive and has a tendency to be
Sagittarius: A Sagittarius is very wise, deep thinking and loves the spotlight.
Capricorn: A Capricorn is very loyal, devoted and doesn't shy away from
Aquarius: An Aquarius is very curious about the world and has an open mind
to to the infinite possibilities around them.
Pisces: A Pisces is very empathetic, emotionally aware and may bear the
weight of the world on their shoulders.
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